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This is a guest post from our friends at Herbfarmacy (author bio below) Gaining a healthy habit or two is always welcome, especially if they benefit the environment in addition to improving your wellbeing. Changing a solid daily routine to incorporate eco-friendly habits is no easy task, but these few tips are so simple that Read More

How to Survive Winter (in 10 Steps)

As the days get longer and the mercury drops, in can be easy to slip into a dark and chilly mood yourself. While you don’t necessarily have to love winter, you do unfortunately need to plough through it. Follow these 10 steps to survive winter. Step 1: Invest in Cold Weather Gear Probably one of Read More

How to Stop a Bad Habit (in 9 Steps)

It can be very difficult to stop a bad habit, as the behavior becomes such an automatic response that you aren’t even aware you’re doing it sometimes. Add pleasure into the mix – such as drugs and alcohol or eating – and it’s even harder to break a bad habit. If there’s a negative behavior Read More

How to whiten nails (in 6 steps)

Stained and discolored nails are a real embarrassment, but thankfully there are some simple at-home treatments that can help to whiten your nails when they start looking less than their best. Skip the nail salon and expensive treatments and learn how to whiten your nails at home with these 6 simple steps. Step 1: Soak Read More

Many Americans don’t get enough essential nutrients such as calcium, potassium, vitamin D, and vitamin B12 through diet alone. The solution for some individuals is a vitamin supplement. Ideally, you want a supplement that meets most or all of your needs to minimize how many vitamin supplements you take each day. You’re more likely to Read More