How to Get Rid of Mice in the House (in 8 Steps)

An unwelcome guest, mice in the home can literally keep you up at night with their scurrying and their chewing. Not to mention the potential diseases and bacteria they bring in with them. Follow these 8 steps to get rid of mice in the house. Step 1: Inspect Your Home The first step in dealing Read More

How to Remove Old Grease Stains (in 7 Steps)

An unexpected spill or splatter can leave your favorite clothes looking less than their best. They might seem impossible to remove, but there’s actually a simple solution for removing old grease stains. Follow these 7 steps to remove old grease stains. Step 1: Find the Stain The first step in removing old grease stains is Read More

How to Get Stickers Off Walls (in 6 Steps)

Stickers can be a fun way to decorate your space, or coax little ones into doing something you ask them to do such as cleaning up their toys. But, when it’s time to remove them, you might find you have a sticky situation on your hands. Follow these 6 steps to get stickers off walls, Read More

How to Deodorize a Microwave in 5 Steps

The foods we reheat in the microwave can leave this workhorse appliance filled with rather unpleasant odors. But, you don’t have to suffer with a stinky microwave — you can deodorize it yourself using just a few simple ingredients that you probably already have lying around the house. Follow these 5 steps to get bad Read More

How to Survive Winter (in 10 Steps)

As the days get longer and the mercury drops, in can be easy to slip into a dark and chilly mood yourself. While you don’t necessarily have to love winter, you do unfortunately need to plough through it. Follow these 10 steps to survive winter. Step 1: Invest in Cold Weather Gear Probably one of Read More

How to Host a Baby Shower (in 7 Steps)

While anyone in the expectant mom’s life can plan and host a baby shower, including friends, relatives, and even spouses, there are some party-planning basics that should be followed. Follow these 7 steps to host a baby shower for the mom-to-be in your life. Step 1: Choose a Date and Time The first step in Read More

How to Organize Clothes (in 8 Steps)

If your closets and dressers look more like a house of horrors than a designer home, putting some organizational systems into place can help to contain the mess, while keeping your wardrobe looking ready-to-wear at all times. Follow these 8 steps to organize your clothes. Step 1: Edit Your Wardrobe The first step in organizing Read More

How to Stop a Bad Habit (in 9 Steps)

It can be very difficult to stop a bad habit, as the behavior becomes such an automatic response that you aren’t even aware you’re doing it sometimes. Add pleasure into the mix – such as drugs and alcohol or eating – and it’s even harder to break a bad habit. If there’s a negative behavior Read More

How to Decorate Your House (in 7 Steps)

Whether it’s your first home or your fifth, great decor is key for creating a warm and inviting space. These ideas can all be done in a weekend and with little expense to help decorate your space like a pro, and help you make your space feel like home. Step 1: Clean Your House The Read More

How to Create a Podcast in 8 Steps

4Podcasts have been growing by an astounding rate over the last few years. Starting a podcast can be an effective way to grow and expand your business, and you don’t need a ton of technical knowledge — or cash — to start one. Here’s what you need to know about creating a podcast people will Read More

How to whiten nails (in 6 steps)

Stained and discolored nails are a real embarrassment, but thankfully there are some simple at-home treatments that can help to whiten your nails when they start looking less than their best. Skip the nail salon and expensive treatments and learn how to whiten your nails at home with these 6 simple steps. Step 1: Soak Read More