50th Wedding Anniversary Cake

Picking out a wedding gift always needs to be a carefully considered process. There’s a lot to keep in mind when choosing a gift that will impress your husband or wife. This is especially true for significant wedding anniversaries. Without a doubt, your 50th wedding anniversary is one of the most significant.

After all, when you’ve been together for half a century there’s much to celebrate. From all of those countless times your beloved made you roar with laughter, or pulled you out of a challenging time, there’s a lot to be grateful for. And there are few better ways to show how much you appreciate them than with a thoughtful gift. If you’re stuck on ideas, or just need a bit of inspiration (we won’t tell!), here’s a quick guide on how to pick out the perfect 50th-anniversary wedding gift.

Go For Gold

As you’re now probably well aware after celebrating more anniversaries than most people can even fathom, there are traditional wedding anniversary gifts for all of the major milestones throughout the years of marriage. You may know a few—paper for your first anniversary, tin or aluminum for your tenth, and china for your twentieth. But do you know what object signifies your fiftieth wedding anniversary? It’s none other than gold.    

The decadence of gold is reflective of just how special this anniversary is. Picking out a piece of gold jewelry is a process you should start well in advance, given all the considerations that come with buying gold, as well as all of the options available. To get an idea on what your partner likes, take a sneaky look at the jewelry they wear most. Is it fine and delicate? Or is it incredibly flashy? Whether you choose a watch, earrings, a necklace, or some other golden creation, so long as you match your partner’s tastes, it’s hard to go wrong with this gift idea.

Treat Them to Something Delicious

They say food is a way to someone’s heart. This is especially so if your partner is an unashamed foodie! If you want to go down the route of treating your partner to a delicious meal, there are no shortage of ways to go about this. But to get it right, you’ll have to pinpoint the type of meal they’ll most appreciate.

For instance, if your partner doesn’t appreciate fine dining, don’t splurge on a five-star restaurant that will give your credit card a serious workout. Remember, thoughtfulness is key, so if the meal isn’t really “them,” it’s best to come up with another idea. Alternatively, you could gift them an impressive food item. In fact, why not combine this gift idea with the previous one and deliver an edible bouquet complete with chocolate dipped strawberries and golden pineapples? If your stomach is already rumbling, just think about your partner’s reaction! Just keep your fingers crossed that they’re willing to share it…

Pick Something Heartfelt and Handmade

Just like your partner is one in a billion, you may want to opt for a one of a kind gift. Or, at least for something that’s not mass produced. Gifting a handmade gift is an easy way to convey just how much your husband or wife means to you. If you have a knack for DIY, this is the time to let your talents really shine. Perhaps you can make them a box filled with significant items from your relationship, a scrapbook of memories, or an item they’ve always wanted but never dreamed of buying for themselves?

If DIY isn’t your thing, don’t fret! There are plenty of incredibly talented artisans to help you out both off and online. One great place to find some hidden gems is at a local artisan market. Many communities hold these markets on weekends, so you can ask around or check online. A handy tip if you find a creator that particularly strikes you is to ask if they take commissions for an original piece. Another way to get hold of heartfelt handmade goods is to head to Etsy. Etsy is an online marketplace that is bustling with all sorts of handmade goods. Simply search for a specific object or seller to start your hunt for the perfect gift (and pick up an award for “Best Husband/Wife” in the process!)


Hopefully, this guide for picking out the perfect 50th wedding gift has helped get your mind ticking. At the end of the day, you know your wife or husband best. So show them just how much you know them and how much you’ve cherished their company and love over the years by giving some serious thought into this gift. All of the ideas above are sure to please, especially if given with a heartfelt card. Good luck on your gift buying journey, and of course, congratulations!