Children who are looking for something really scary to wear for Halloween might choose to dress up as bats. These are, after all, among the most frightening and mysterious creatures that live on earth. They look ugly, with their beady eyes (they cannot see well, hence the saying “blind as a bat”), large and unshapelyRead More

Apart from watching and enjoying the Star Wars movies ontheir screen, many fans enjoy drawing their favorite characters in the Star Wars series. For those that already have a talent for drawing, they won’t have any problem sketching their favorite Star Wars characters on a piece of paper. However, not everyone has a talent forRead More

Canvas has a long history for a variety of uses due to its durability and unique properties. In the art world, it is seen a tool used by painters concerned with quality. The unique properties often making canvas a preferred choice include the lack of brushstrokes left behind, creating a seamless look often appreciated byRead More

Making model railroads is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. A model railroad is always made from products that are either available in the house or in store packages, unlike a toy train, which is bought ready to run. The scenery is an important part; it can resemble the heart of aRead More

R/C airplanes, otherwise known as remote control airplanes, are a great hobby. While people have been entertained by remote control vehicles for years, planes offer a higher level of control simply because they are airborne. Many people choose kits where they can build every feature of the plane on their own – and then takeRead More

Painting a picture frame can be inspirational and be away for creativity to flow. Learning how to paint a picture frame is simple – and one can find out how, regardless of their skill level. Once a picture frame is painted, it can enhance the picture that it goes around in a new and interestingRead More

Building a model railroad can be an exciting hobby for children as well as adults. Anyone who has an interest in railroad history and enjoys locomotives can have fun building a railroad inside their home. Railroads make use of engines, cars and tracks. These are built to scale and look virtually identical to a realRead More

Learning how to draw leopards can be fun for adults and children alike. Leopards are beautiful, wild animals that are most commonly known for their distinctive spots. Many types of leopards have made it to the Endangered Species list and this has caused the interest in this feline to increase dramatically. Creating art to honorRead More

Knowing how to draw is a great way to release any tension and let creativity flow. Some even use this skill as a career, or in some part of their job. The skill of drawing can be built on endlessly and will provide many hours of in expensive pleasure. Items Needed to Begin Drawing DrawingRead More

Though Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) now dominates the vast majority of animated movies being made, there is still something very appealing about a hand drawn image. Drawing by hand takes a great degree of skill and technique. There are so many mediums that can be utilized when drawing by hand, yet many people are onlyRead More