Painting a picture frame can be inspirational and be away for creativity to flow. Learning how to paint a picture frame is simple – and one can find out how, regardless of their skill level. Once a picture frame is painted, it can enhance the picture that it goes around in a new and interesting way. Picture frames can be painted or repainted in order to fit a person’s desires.

Supplies Needed for Painting

There are some common supplies that should be obtained prior to painting a picture frame. This includes paint, a paint brush, sandpaper, primer, and a drop cloth or newspaper. If there is hardware on the frame, a screwdriver will also be necessary in order to remove the backing.

Additional supplies may also be needed depending upon the desired look of the finished piece. Sponges and stencils can be used as a way of enhancing the frame. Creativity is important and a person can obtain any kinds of supplies they want. Various types of paint and colors of paint can also be used.

Setting Up the Frame

There are various options when it comes to painting a picture frame. A person can choose to make the picture frame on their own. This is usually done by taking four pieces of wood and gluing them or mailing them together. They can form either a square or a rectangle depending upon the size of the art that it will surround.

It is also possible to use a pre-existing picture frame. If the frame has paint on it already, the wood should be sanded down in order to remove as much of the current paint as possible. This will ensure that the wood will absorb the new coat of paint that is going on it.

Depending upon the color, a layer of primer will need to be painted on the frame first. Before using any kind of paint, a drop cloth or newspaper should be used in order to protect the table or floor. The primer will ensure that the proper color is obtained. Darker colors will need one or two coats of primer.

Any kind of hardware should be removed from the frame. This includes any kind of hanging mechanisms as well as screws. This will ensure that the entire frame can be painted without issue. After the frame has been painted and it has dried completely, the hardware can be added once again. This is why it is critical to set the hardware aside so that it can be found.

Choosing a Color

A frame should be painted to coordinate with the colors of the art that it will be framing. For example, a landscape that has a stunning amount of greens and reds may want to tie in one of the less obvious colors. Using a green frame on a landscape may be difficult because of having to match the green and because it may take away from the actual greenery within the picture. If there are yellow flowers within the field, yellow may be a better choice. White and black are also very common colors for frames.

The paint itself should be tempura or oil in order to coat the frame properly. If it is watercolor, it may not soak into the woods sufficiently.

The paint should be applied in even strokes across the frame. It is important to paint in the same direction on each piece of wood so that there is consistency. Prior to painting the entire frame, it is a good idea to use a small amount of paint and let it dry. This will make it possible to see what the color will look like once it has been applied to the frame. If one does notlike the look, it can be removed and a new color can be selected.

Adding Flair to the Frame

Once the first coat of paint has dried, it will be easy to see whether a second code is needed. A second coat can help to cover what was missed the first time around. It can also help to darken the color that was applied. After all of the coats have been painted, second colors and various designs can be added.

Some people like to choose very bright colors for it picture frames – and it is all a matter of self-expression. The top and the bottom part of the frame may be one color while the sides are another color. It is also possible to add straight, polka dots, and various other features on the frame in multiple colors.

Various decorations can be added as well. Many craft stores sell smaller pieces of carved wood in the shape of stars, flowers, hearts and other shapes. These can be painted and then glued onto the frame in order to add some customization. Often, they are added into the corner of a frame, though they can be added anywhere as long as the person painting and decorating the frame is happy with the placement.

After all decorations have been added to the frame and all of the paint has dried, the hanging hardware can be applied. The art can then be placed inside of the frame and hung anywhere inside of a home. Larger art will need more hardware to ensure it is well-supported on the wall.

A newly painted frame can improve the look of any room in the house – and it may be possible to find other frames in the house that need the same kind of attention. This will help to make the art more attractive and even if a person isn’t the artist of the work that is being framed, they can take credit for the art on the wall because of being responsible for designing the frame.

After learning how to paint picture frames, it is possible to make hand crafted gifts for people. Many people use picture frames and when they are hand painted with various unique features, they can be loved and used inside of a home that much more.