R/C airplanes, otherwise known as remote control airplanes, are a great hobby. While people have been entertained by remote control vehicles for years, planes offer a higher level of control simply because they are airborne. Many people choose kits where they can build every feature of the plane on their own – and then take it to the air. The sizes vary and as the plane grows in size, it requires a more significant amount of skill simply because a person must keep it in the air and know how to maneuver it for takeoff as well is landing.

R/C airplanes are loved by it young and old alike. A true hobbyist has multiple sizes and shapes – and one can spend their entire life with these planes in one capacity or another. People start off with a store-bought version and eventually move into building them on their own. It can provide hours of entertainment and it always gives people something to talk about. There are r/c clubs throughout the country and enthusiasts online around the world. No one has to be left alone with R/C airplanes in terms of how to buy them, how to fly them, or how to build them. There are how-to guides all over the Internet to make it easy for one to figure out what they need to do. Starting the hobby requires a significant amount of information because of needing to know what to buy and what steps to take once a plane has been purchased. Just as there are a lot of airplanes at an airport, there are a lot of airplanes on the market that are controlled by remote. Fighter jets, commercial planes, and everything in between are available in the R/C market.