Career exploration is a fabulous way to determine what job or career path is right for a particular individual. It can help a person see what interests he has and how those interests can be used in the public or private job sector. There are many ways to do this, including talking to others who are already in a variety of careers, taking tests, reading articles and visiting various industries. However, the basic steps in career exploration do not change despite the method that is used. One must discover his personal preferences, learn about careers that make use of these preferences and abilities, train for that career and search for a job in his chosen sector.

Career exploration is a vital step in finding a job that will be stimulating and that will make the best use of the talents that an individual already has. Without this step of assessment, a person could end up in a career that he greatly dislikes or that leaves him constantly stressed or unhappy. In addition, this step of exploration will show the individual how many career choices there are even within one field of study. He will be able to learn about career advancement as well as typical wages. He will also be able to learn what fields have a high demand for new employees and where he will be able to have job security. Indeed, no career should be chosen without a prior careful exploration of career choices available.