A career in science does not necessarily mean testing chemicals in a laboratory all day. This example, that of a chemist, is just one possibility in a long list of science career options. Science affects almost every part of life. It is what produces healthy and sufficient food for people around the world. It is what creates pacemakers and new medicines for the healthcare industry. It is what gives people clean water, sweetly scented perfumes and maps of the stars. Science careers are exciting and give individuals the ability to fulfill their own dreams while making the world a better and safer place to live.

A science career might be the perfect choice for an individual who can think quickly, logically and decisively, who can puzzle through difficult questions and who is good at mathematics. These abilities can be put to work in numerous fields within science. Some of the most well known science careers include chemistry, biology and physics. However, some people are not aware that science careers also encompass astronomy, geography, meteorology, anthropology, dentistry and more. Scientists may work in laboratories or at desks but can often be found in more exciting places, such as in park ranger stations, under the ocean exploring coral reefs, on farms studying and helping animals and in foreign countries studying past civilizations and archeology. Scientists are also involved in teaching others what they know and in penning textbooks as well as scientific journals and literature. Science is truly a stimulating career path.