Careers in finance are perfect for those who love logical thinking and who enjoy working with numbers. These careers are varied and can include anything from a bank teller or loan officer to an accountant or government analyst. Because finances affect almost every area of life, a financial career can be a great fit for many individuals. The most lucrative financial jobs are often found in major cities around the world, such as New York City, London and Dubai. However, with some searching, almost any city can provide a job in finance.

A career in finance definitely requires appropriate secondary education. Almost every job here will require an undergraduate degree, and many also require a master’s degree. In addition to this, many jobs require certifications that are specific to their field. Examples of this include the Certified Financial Planner and the Certified Public Accountant. Financiers work with individuals, families, businesses, large corporations and the government to care for everyone’s financial needs. This may involve investment banking such as stocks and bonds, company mergers and loans. In this regard, financial analysts are also indispensable for trading stocks and bonds and for managing retirement accounts. Finally, financial analysts provide necessary research for banks, brokerage firms and other companies to determine what investments and purchases are wise. Truly, a job in finance will lead to a diverse and satisfying career.