Fruit smoothies are quickly gaining popularity as many people realize their health benefits. In fact, several restaurants and fast food chains even serve them because they are such trendy drinks. However, those who have the right ingredients and who know the basic steps for making mixed fruit smoothies will surely prefer to make them at home with their own ingredients.

Benefits of Mixed Fruit Smoothies

The first and most important benefit of mixed fruit smoothies is that they provide many of the nutrients, fiber and antioxidants that people need in an easy-to-drink form. Numerous people do not like to eat fruit, finding that it easily spoils and that the texture is not to their liking. However, a fruit smoothie blends these same fruits into a delicious drink that seems more like a milk shake than a glass of fruit. In fact, several servings of fruit can be consumed in one smoothie.

The second benefit is that smoothies are easy to blend and take with a person when they are busy with work or errands. Homemade smoothies are also much cheaper than ones purchased from restaurants or cafes are. They are the perfect breakfast even for those who normally prefer to skip this meal. It is always best to start the day with a meal to provide energy and nutrients. A fruit smoothie will provide hydration, nutrition and energy with naturally occurring sugars and vitamins.

Items Needed for a Mixed Fruit Smoothie

The basic parts of a mixed fruit smoothie are the fruit and the liquid. However, many people choose to add other ingredients for a more interesting flavor or texture. Of course, the best way to change the ingredients into a thick liquid form is with a blender. Almost any blender will work well for this. While blenders that are especially created for smoothie making may work a bit faster or more thoroughly than cheaper varieties, they are not an absolute necessity. However, some people who drink a smoothie every morning may wish to invest in one of these.

The most important ingredient is the fruit. This is where most of the nutrients are. Choosing fruit for a mixed fruit smoothie can be done simply by knowing which fruits taste delicious together or by using one’s imagination. It is difficult to mix fruits together in a way that will not taste good.

There are a few common fruit combinations, however. Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries, or any combination of the four, will make a rich smoothie that is full of antioxidants. Any of the berries are delectable when added to bananas. Bananas are also great for giving quick energy. A tropical fruit smoothie could contain pineapple, mango and papaya. Peaches may be added to tropical fruits for an additional sweetness. While these are the most common fruits that are used in all-fruit smoothies, individuals may wish to experiment with others, such as apples, pears, mandarin oranges and grapefruit.

The other most important ingredient is the liquid. Many people use ice for a very thick and cold smoothie. Ice is also popular because it is cheap and readily available. Although some choose to use water, this will create a thin texture. Of course, ice and water do not add any nutritional value. Dairy products are popular liquids to add a creamy texture. Skim milk is fat-free but thinner than whole milk. Yogurt will add a lot of nutrition along with a very thick texture. Those who are lactose-intolerant or who are vegans may prefer to use soy milk or almond milk. Another option is fruit juice, such as orange juice. However, fruit juices with added sugar are not the healthiest choices. Adding frozen yogurt or ice cream makes a delicious, thick dessert fruit smoothie.

Some people choose to add a few extras to their smoothies. For example, protein powder comes in a variety of flavors and is a great additive for energy and strength. Other potential ingredients include flaxseed oil, wheat grass, spices, peanut butter and oats.

Steps to Create a Smoothie

A smoothie is actually quite simple to make at home.

  • First, choose the ingredients, making sure that the fruit is already cut. If using ice cubes, these should be put in the blender first to be crushed.
  • The fruit and liquid can be added to the blender next. All the ingredients can be blended together on a low to medium speed setting. It will take approximately 30 seconds to blend these ingredients together, although some fruit, such as frozen bananas or peach slices, may take longer.
  • If you’d like to add protein powder or other ingredients, they should be added at this time and blended in for a few seconds until the smoothie is visibly smooth and has no chunks
  • If these smoothies are being made for guests, they can be served in a chilled glass with a peach slice, citrus slice or berry placed on the rim.

Additional Tips to Make the Best Fruit Smoothie

It is hard to make a mistake when creating a fruit smoothie because it is such a simple recipe. However, a few tips can help a person to make the most delicious drinks with the best textures. First, frozen fruits are always better to use than fresh fruits are. Frozen fruits will create a thicker texture and, of course, do not spoil very quickly. Purchasing frozen fruit in bulk will save a great deal of money over smaller bags of fruit.

Second, some people prefer a little jolt of energy in the morning with their fruit smoothies. If this is the case, a small amount of coffee or tea that has been refrigerated overnight can be added. Spices, such as cinnamon and nutmeg, may taste good with a coffee-based smoothie.

A mixed fruit smoothie is the best way for many people to get the nutrient-rich fruits that they need in their diets. Because a basic smoothie only requires a few ingredients, it can be easily made with a home blender. A naturally sweet smoothie is great for breakfast or for an afternoon snack.

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