Learning an ancient language holds great interest for many, especially for those who are interested in past cultures, the history of language and modern word etymologies. Ancient Greek, in particular, is an intriguing language to study because many modern words come from this language. In addition, many ancient books of philosophy and religion were written in Greek. Knowing how to read this language can open up a completely new world for the student. The ancient Greek student will learn about the Greek culture, religion and worldview while he studiesthe language.

There are numerous excellent ways to learn ancient Greek free online. Some websites offer actual courses with individual lessons that a person can work through at his or her own speed. Lessons include information on Greek grammar, vocabulary, alphabet, sentence structure, pronunciation and more. Students will have the opportunity to read ancient Greek literature online. In fact, some online courses teach directly from these ancient works. Popular works that are studied include texts by Homer and Aristotle. Not only can an online student work at his own speed, but also he can do it at the time that suits him, whether it is day or night. In addition, there are very few other items that the student will need other than his computer and an internet connection. Paper and pencils will be useful for taking notes. However, learning classical Greek online can be done for no cost whatsoever.