A safety officer is concerned with anything related to health and safety on a job site. He or she is particularly interested in having employees comply with governmental and company policies on safety. There are safety officers in virtually every industry, but two of the most common types of safety officers are health safety officers and construction safety officers.

Any type of safety officer will certainly need to have a solid education past the high school level. A bachelor’s degree in occupational safety is truly beneficial. However, some employers choose safety officers who have degrees only in the sciences or in health. In order to advance to the level of a safety officer, the individual must work diligently at beginning jobs in the industry. He or she should become knowledgeable about the type of daily work that is done and the safety issues and complaints that employees have. The person should also seek to become certified by the Council on Certification of Health, Environmental and Safety Technologists, a nationally recognized certification. In addition, several safety certification agencies work with specific industries. These certifications will help the individual advance in his career. For example, a construction safety officer should seek certification by the American Board of Certified Safety Professionals. In addition, construction safety officers have industry-specific information that they will need to know, including regulations that have been put in place by the Occupational Safety and Health Association. These individuals will also have to be well versed in fire safety. Safety officers have many opportunities to advance their careers.

How to Become a Construction Safety Officer on a Work Site