The Wild and Wacky page is the perfect place to learn interesting and little-known facts as well as gain a bit of knowledge for trivia. Learning something new can always be exhilarating, and these fun facts are the perfect place to begin. They are quirky and entertaining, yet they are helpful at the same time. This is because not everything that happens in life follows a regulated pattern. Sometimes, one’s life is full of wacky occurrences that are hard to believe. These are perfect times to look at this how-to page to learn what to do in these strange and hard-to-believe circumstances. Thesetopics are useful for adults and children of all ages.

Some of the examples found here are things that are interesting but may not seem very useful to everyday life. Other topics are certainly useful for unique and unexpected situations. For example, individuals can learn how to name a new comet and report its existence to the authorities. Individuals may also want to know how to begin a new and unique career, such as becoming a test pilot or a clown. Others may wish to learn about UFOs and where they may be flown. Other examples include how to survive various natural disasters, how to learn more about Vulcans, how to perform CPR on one’s dog, how to deflect an asteroid and what to do if one finds a herd of buffalo. Individuals should begin here when they have any questions that are wild and wacky.