As evidenced by Kevin Costner’s iconic role in The Bodyguard, this is a profession that can certainly be glamorous
with a hint of danger. The added drama aside, the fact is that a bodyguard does have an exciting career that often
involves travel throughout the United States and around the world. Becoming a bodyguard does take some effort and
commitment. It also takes time to develop the skills necessary to pursue a career as a bodyguard. However, it’s a
career that certainly has potential for dedicated individuals with a passion for protecting others.


While a bodyguard does not need to have a college education, most positions do require at least a high school
diploma or a GED. Some bodyguards do take college courses, especially for positions involving the use of certain
technology. This may include taking specialized courses dealing with high-tech surveillance equipment or computer
courses to deal with possible threats sent via email or through social media accounts. Some bodyguards do pursue
2-year or 4-year degrees in related fields such as criminal justice or law enforcement to place themselves in a better
position when it comes to looking for work in this profession. Law enforcement classes are a necessity due to the
nature of the job. There are some bodyguard training courses that are more intense, offering a degree or certificate in
a relatively short period of time.


A bodyguard will need to meet certain requirements. The first of these is to be in good physical shape since the job
often involves the ability to have quick reflexes should the unexpected occur. This typically includes some type of
endurance and strength training as well as a solid fitness routine. It might be a good idea to hire a personal trainer
soon after choosing to get on the path to becoming a bodyguard. There is no standard fitness test to be a bodyguard,
but most individuals or companies hiring a bodyguard in the private or public sector tend to look for physically fit
applicants. A bodyguard often has to be prepared to spring into action, whether it’s physically stopping an assailant
or quickly moving their client out of harm’s way.

Career Opportunities

There are many career opportunities for someone choosing to be a bodyguard. Many private and public firms hire
bodyguards to protect important individuals or high-priority clients. A bodyguard may be hired to protect a single
individual or work with a group to protect a certain group of individuals such as a sports team or visiting dignitaries.
Some bodyguards work with other individuals on a rotating or collaborative effort to provide 24/7 protection. It’s not
unusual to work with celebrities and other famous people such as politicians and actors. When working for a famous
or important person, a bodyguard often has to know schedules and appointments in advance to ensure that there is
proper security. This may include recommending entrance and exit points for certain buildings. Bodyguards don’t
always have a set work schedule. However, this really depends on the specific job and the duties involved.


Since the job of being a bodyguard is considered a high-risk position, the earnings are often within the upper range
of the pay scale. Salary is also based on experience with more experienced bodyguards often earning salaries in the
six-figure range. Some bodyguards have military experience, while others previously worked in the law enforcement
field. Previous experience plays a key role in determining the starting salary of a bodyguard. The room for
advancement within the field determines on the specific position and employer. Some bodyguards advance to
supervisory and training positions where their experience is used to train new employees. If a bodyguard works for a
high-profile client, they may receive a higher salary during the duration of the job due to the increased risk of
dealing with larger crowds and unruly fans.

There are many career opportunities for individuals looking to become a bodyguard. The current trend within this
profession is towards bodyguards who previously worked as paramedics or have some type of medical training. This
experience allows a bodyguard to offer initial assistance to a client dealing with a medical emergency before help
can arrive. While bodyguards often remain virtually invisible as they work, it helps to have a Web presence via sites
like LinkedIn and other social platforms to develop contacts currently working within the industry. Being a
bodyguard can be a dangerous job, but it can also be a challenging and rewarding career.

How Do I Become A Bodyguard

Cynthia Lopez