Gardening can be a great delight for both young and old. It can be a way to relax and enjoy nature while getting some light exercise. A backyard gardener can find great joy and pride in what he has planted. He will also experience deep satisfaction as the beauty of his garden increases over the years. Gardening can also be a way to make a yard and home more beautiful. An appealing curbside garden can increase the value of one’s home and improve the home’s resale quality. In addition, gardening can greatly affect the environment by producing fruits, vegetables and flowers right in one’s backyard. Not only can gardeners know what is in and on their plants, but also they can decrease the amount of fuel they use driving to the grocery store.

Gardening encompasses numerous topics. Most often, gardening is done outside, although some plants can also be brought indoors. Outdoor gardens can include decorative trees, shrubs and flowers. Other outdoor gardens may include vegetables. Those who grow their own vegetables in their gardens can enjoy healthy, natural produce throughout the year. There are numerous ways to start a garden. Of course, one of the most popular ways is planting directly in the ground. However, some people like to add interest to their yards by starting a rock garden or by planting small trees and shrubs in pots, which can be moved around the yard. Raised planters are another possibility. Some gardeners even build their own backyard greenhouses. However one chooses to garden, the activity is sure to be rewarding.