Family life and relationships influence every person virtually every day. Any contact one has with other individuals brings an entire array of emotions and past memories to the surface. In addition, the way that people treat others, whether they are family or friends, is based directly on that individual’s perceptions of life, his desires and his usual method of dealing with problems. Therefore, a thorough understanding of relationship problems and solutions is imperative.

Some of the most common relationships include those between parents and children, between siblings, between a husband and wife and between friends of the same gender. Typical concerns in these categories include parenting, discipline, sibling rivalry, justice, equity, honesty romance and love. While many people try to sort these matters out on their own, it often takes an outside source to bring clarity and meaning to certain relational problems. Many times, an outsider will be able to offer a refreshingly new perspective that can help the individual to tackle his problem. Goodrelationships are vital in today’s society. As families live farther apart from each other and as friendships are often begun and maintained via technology, new relational dilemmas are appearing. Bullying and cyber threats are more feared than ever. Many families do not even know how to communicate with each other, and live each day without knowing much about each other’s lives instead. However, a strong relationship, whether it be with a spouse, friend, colleague or child, can bring joy and meaning to everyday life. Without family and relationships, much of life would be stale and meaningless.

Cynthia Lopez