If you’re wondering how 2019 flew by so quickly, and you’re still trying to catch up with everything that happened in business and tech this year, you’re certainly not alone. There are new developments every other day, and no shortage of experts willing to tell you their top tips to progress your business. So it can be difficult to know what’s really worth paying attention to.

That’s why you’ll love our roundup of the best business and tech articles this year. We scoured our bookmarked articles to create a curated list of the most thought-provoking articles from a range of industries. The beauty of our top picks is that even if you’re not in the same industry, you’ll find that there’s something to learn from each article. Without further ado, here are the articles you must read before heading into 2020.

Lessons Learned from the Toyota Breach: The One Risk Factor You Can’t Eliminate

This thought-provoking article from Zeguro brings home the importance of establishing a strong cybersecurity approach for your company. It does so by presenting a case study about how the Toyota Boshoku Corporation fell prey to a social engineering attack, and the key lessons that can be learned from this devastating incident.

What is First Call Resolution?

When it comes to developing a strong call center strategy, learning all about first call resolution should be at the top of your list. After all, if customers queries are efficiently answered, you can expect your customer satisfaction rates to dramatically improve. Once you put a few expert tips into practice, all of which are explained in this piece, you’ll see that improving your first call resolution rate isn’t as difficult as you first thought.

How to Create a Powerful Knowledge Base for Your Customers

If you’re looking for a way to resolve customer queries before they even get to your support team, you will greatly benefit from creating a knowledge base. If you’re unsure what this is, the author of this article, Angela Stringfellow, explains that it is, “A digital archive that allows you to store and publish important information about your products or services.” Learn all the details of how to build one here.

Amazon unveils Alexa-powered ring and glasses

Smart technology is not going anywhere anytime soon, which is why big players like Amazon are amping up their efforts to dominate the market. This article highlights two of its latest innovations, which are making smart tech ever more accessible. It begs the question: is your company be prepared for the impending smart tech revolution?

Offer a world-class Client Portal to your customers

What if you could ensure better visibility and transparency in the customer support process for your enterprise clients? If you’d jump at the chance to do so, you need to educate yourself about client portal software. As this resource explains, it is designed to achieve this precise aim. To learn about why so many companies are turning to client portals, give this a good read.

The Truth About HITRUST — and Why It Should Become the Industry Standard

Did you know that HITRUST is the most widely adopted information privacy and security risk management framework for healthcare organization in the US? Despite being so widely adopted, there are still a lot of misconceptions which plague the framework. This article aims to clear up the biggest misconceptions. You may be surprised by how many did you previously believed!

5 Steps to HITRUST CSF Certification

In the world of HIPAA compliance, there’s a lot of noise. That’s why we love this article—it cuts through the noise and tells it like it is. Just take a look at the opening line: “Complying with HIPAA and proving it are two different things.” The article goes on to explain that to prove HIPAA compliance, your company must go through 3rd party audits, such as the HITRUST CSF Certification. There are 5 main steps involved in the process, which the author helpfully details. Be warned: it’s a challenge, but one that is worthwhile.

Top 10 technology trends for 2020 include hyperautomation, human augmentation and distributed cloud

What better way to head into 2020 than knowing what trends to anticipate in business technology? It’s important to know what’s on the horizon as this insight can help you remain ahead of the curve. From the democratization of expertise to the distributed cloud, this article will give you a peek at what is expected to be all the rage next year.

51 Best Logistics Management Software Platforms

The folks at 6 River certainly pulled out all the stops putting together this roundup of the best logistics management software platforms. They give an overview of each platform, as well as the key features and pricing information. It makes it easy to compare and contrast different options, to find the one that works for your company.

25 warehouse & logistics pros reveal the most effective way to improve the order fulfillment process

When it comes to the topic of improving the order fulfillment process, everyone seems to have something to say. So why not actually listen to what people truly in the know—warehouse and logistics experts—have to say? There’s a lot to chew on here, so we’re sure that like us, it will get your brain ticking.

Warehouse Staffing Solutions: Why an On-Demand Platform Offers a Better, Cost-Effective Solution for Temporary Staffing Needs than Using an Agency

Warehouse managers have enough to deal with, without needing to figure out how to keep their warehouse running smoothly with a shortage of staff. So we wanted to share this practical solution that solves this problem that we came across in this article. Namely, Wonolo’s on-demand platform for temporary warehouse staff. Discover why the platform is quickly gaining traction here.

3 Places to Find and Hire the Best Day Laborers

As anyone who has tried to hire one will know, a reliable day laborer can be like finding a needle in a haystack. That is, unless you know precisely where to find and hire them. This practical article shines a spotlight on 3 places you can swiftly find a great day laborer, whatever your task at hand.

Custom Labels and Equipment ID Tags

When it comes to frustrating tasks, relabelling poor-quality labels is right up there. The same goes for stickers and tags. It’s best, then, to save yourself the trouble by getting high-quality labels, stickers, and tags in the first place. You’ll want to choose ones that are built to last, so you never need to relabel. Have we caught your interest? Then you’ll no doubt want to bookmark this page.

6 Steps in Asset Tagging Process Flow

Contrary to what many businesses practice, asset tagging doesn’t simply involve affixing a tag to an item. It is a process that encompasses a number of steps to get just right. Cutting corners may be tempting, but it will ultimately impact your bottom line. Camcode has made understanding this process as easy as can be by clearly noting the 6 steps you need to follow.

Best US Cities to Start a Business – Ranked

Identifying the ideal business environment depends, of course, on the activity or profile of your enterprise. However, some aspects of starting a business are equally important, regardless. CommercialCafe analyzed and ranked U.S. metros by aspects that are essential to setting up and scaling any tech startup: talent pool, median wage growth relative to average housing market prices, how well the local business environment encourages entrepreneurial activity, and more! Check out the full ranking for details on each of the top 20 startup hubs highlighted.