A career in education can take many different forms. In fact, simply majoring in education can allow an individual to work in education or school administration. With so many choices in this field, it is difficult to get bored in this line of work. Educators work with people of all ages and all backgrounds, including babies, children, teenagers and adults. Educators typically have at least an undergraduate college degree but often a graduate degree as well.

Education is a field that is growing quickly as the population around the world increases. One of the fastest growing options is that of special education, a richly rewarding opportunity. Preschool and elementary teachers are also greatly needed, particularly in smaller communities or in inner-city environments. Educators can work around the world teaching English as a second language. This can be a great way to use one’s career while traveling. Many teachers choose to specialize in a specific area, particularly in secondary and post-secondary areas. Examples of this include music, art, foreign languages and college courses such as nursing, law and sports. There are also vocational teachers who teach numerous skills while on the job. These are often used in fields that do not require a bachelor’s degree, such as plumbing, construction or electrical work. Education is a solid career choice because it opens such a wide array of choices to an individual while giving him a career that will help him to better other people’s lives.

Cynthia Lopez