Writing and speaking are important in today’s day and age because they are two forms of communication. Writing is done offline as well as online. Many people will do writing on their own while others need help with putting their thoughts into words. Writing is done for pleasure as well as for business. With more websites and blogs than ever before – and the numbers increasing on a regular basis – it’s no surprise that people are learning how to write and how to hire writers to accomplish their goals. As for speaking, this is where some people shine – they are able to get up in front of a crowd and speak their mind. This is a great way to become noticed in a crowd and to show that one is an expert within their field.

Not everyone is naturally talented when it comes to writing and speaking. Some people seem to place words on a page while others are able to make the words pop and draw people in deeper. When it comes to talking to hundreds or even thousands of people, some people choke at the idea. If someone is not gifted in the area of writing or speaking, they need to know where to look to get help. There are many how-to guides to help people with how to write various things – resumes, reports, web descriptions, books and much more. There are also how-to guides to help people with how to speak in front of large crowds and even how to book speaking engagements on a particular topic. Communication needs to be effective and people who excel in writing and speaking are able to shine.

Cynthia Lopez