A homemade energy bar is a great solution for those who need healthy food while busy anon the go. These types of bars are often greatly loved by children as well. Creating these bars at home can be a huge cost savings. Many store-bought bars are expensive and may contain hidden preservatives. One can always be certain of exactly what he or she is putting in a homemade bar. An energy bar can have a variety of ingredients; however all the ingredient should be chosen carefully for their nutritious content. Often nuts and dried fruits are used because both are filling and pack a great deal of nutrition into a small bite. Nuts are excellent sources of protein and dried fruits can give a quick burst of energy with their high sugar content. Other delicious ingredient options include peanut butter, brown sugar, oats, granola cereals, protein powder and chocolate chips.

There are several ways to create a homemade energy bar. Many of them are non-bake. One of the easiest methods is to choose three or four ingredients, pulse them in a blender, press them into a pan and cut them into squares. To make these, a sticky ingredient such as dates or another thick dried fruit should be used. Another option is to use peanut butter help the ingredients stick together. Corn syrup can be used for sticky sweetness. However, healthier options include brown rice syrup. After making several types of energy bars from recipes, the savvy cook will even be able to experiment easily with new ingredients to create a delicious, unique recipe.


Cynthia Lopez