A pet mini album can be a great way to honor one’s pet. It will gather a variety of photographs andmemories into one place. The album is similar to that of a family scrapbook, though it will be in a smaller version. Similar scrapbooking materials can be used. This includes paper, photographs, cutouts, stickers, and various other things that may have been favorites of the pet. All of these can be used to decorate the individual pages of the album. As long as items are small enough and flat enough to fit inside the album, they can be used. Old identification tags and adoption papers are great additions to an album as well.

How to Get Started

It is important to start with an album of one sort or another. There are albums specifically dedicated to pets. These will provide a cover as well as various pages bound together. Another option is to choose scrapbooking paper and bind it together with ribbon, metal rings or something else. Either way, a size needs to be chosen. This includes the actual size of the album as well is how many pages are needed in order to incorporate everything that should be scrapbook.

Organization needs to be considered. There are several ways to organize a mini album for pets. Some people choose to make a timeline of pictures and information that begins with the time the pet was received until present day. Others choose to arrange based upon favorite events that were spent with the pet. For example, this can begin with birthdays. All of the birthdays spent with the pet will be included. From there, it can go into Halloween, time at the park, and other particular events.

What to Include

All sorts of images can be included in the scrapbook. Photos of the pet having fun, posing with the owner, and even professional photos can be used. Additionally, photos of items that the pet has had can be included. This can include a cage or crate, toys and various other things. Creating a chronological timeline may also include photos of the pet’s parents in order to document the lineage.

Beyond photos, it can be possible to include veterinary appointments, wrappers from favorite treats, and anything that will lay flat within the book. Getting creative is part of the fun of creating a mini pet album because it should be different from any other pet album.

Everything that goes into the scrapbook needs to be glued down. There are glue dots specifically designed for scrapbooks. These are double-sided dots that will go on to the scrapbook and onto the item that needs to be put into place. There are also specific kinds of glue that will not bleed through photographs. Decorative tape can also be purchased in order to ensure everything sticks down to the page.

A pen or marker should be used as well. This can help with documenting certain things about the pet. Personal anecdotes, stories about a particular day, and even favorite things that the pet enjoy doing can be included. Descriptions about photos can be written in and it’s even possible to hand the many pet album to others so that they can document information about the pet – such as things that they remember the pet doing or how the owner felt about the pet.

Add Unique Features

Various designs and stickers can be added in to offer a unique perspective for the pet mini album. Many stores sell scrapbook stickers with various themes. This makes it easy to purchase stickers of dogs, cats, guinea pigs, and various other types of pets. These can be applied to the pages as one desires in order to add artistic flair.

Every page can be a little unique. It’s possible to create one page in red, the next and white, the next in black, and so on. Scrapbook papers can be applied to an album page in order to choose a color or one can add in the different colors on their own if they plan on binding the album themselves.

Scissors can help to personalize the pages as well. Many scrapbooking scissors are designed with jagged edges. These can be used to trim the pages on the top, bottom, and sides in order to give each page a unique look.

Once everything has been included in the scrapbook,the pet owner should take the time to go through each page. It should include everything that one wants about their pet. An advantage to creating a scrapbook as opposed to purchasing one is that additional pages can be added. This way there is no limitation on what a pet mini album contains. If a person has a pet for 10+ years, there is going to be a significant amount of memories – and no one should have to sort through the memories to determine what goes into the album and what gets left out.

Include Everything You Want

A pet mini album, despite the word “mini,” can be as large as one wants. A common size for a mini album is 5 x 5. However, the depth of the book can be 20 pages or more. This ensures that everything goes into the album. The pages should be thick enough so that they can be double-sided with photos and information. It is also important to choose a pen or marker that does not bleed through the pages so that more information can go into the album.

Plenty of information can be encompassed within the album. To ensure that everything goes in as planned, it can be advantageous to lay everything out prior to gluing anything down or writing anything in.

Once the album is complete, the owner will be able to share it with everyone. After it has been shared, it can go into a bookcase or on a shelf in order to express the love that they have for their pet. New albums can always be created in order to continue sharing the memories and paying respect to a beloved family pet that has passed on.


Cynthia Lopez