Spanish is a beautiful and vibrant language that is used a great deal around the world today. In fact, after English, it is the second most used language of business and the third most used language overall around the world. It is spoken most in Spain, Latin America and South America. However, virtually every country boasts a Spanish-speaking contingent. For example, almost 40 million people in the United States speak this Romance language. Therefore, learning Spanish is useful for anyone. One of the best ways to learn Spanish these days is free online.

Benefits of Learning Spanish Online

Besides the fact that Spanish is spoken by so many people around the world, there are numerous other benefits to learning the language online. First, online courses allow individuals to participate in the lessons at any time of day or night. This is particularly useful for those who work during the day or for stay-at-home parents who are busy until the evening.

Second, online courses offer more than basic lessons. Many have audio programs that students can listen to in order to learn correct pronunciation and inflection. In addition, these websites often include quizzes and tests, Spanish vocabulary games and activities and other ways to incorporate Spanish into one’s life. For example, users can watch Spanish videos, listen to Spanish music and read Spanish blogs; each of these activities will ingrain a bit more of the language into one’s mind.

Third, learning a new language can improve brain function. It has been shown to decrease the incidence of dementia in the elderly and to increase brain speed. Those who learn a new language are usually better able to solve problems and think analytically than those who know only one language.

Fourth, using a free Spanish-teaching website can be useful for people who already know a bit of the language or who are taking a Spanish class elsewhere. These free websites can help to instill more conversational Spanish into one’s vocabulary or can polish the grammar that one already knows. In addition, those who know Spanish will be able to understand a great deal of other Romance languages, such as Italian and Portuguese.

Finally, learning Spanish is a great way to increase one’s level of confidence and self-esteem. Many people have a personal goal of learning a new language. A free online course can be the most cost-effective way to meet this goal.

What One Will Need to Learn Spanish Online

A free online course eliminates the need for costly materials. Generally, all of the lessons and worksheets will be provided at no cost. Of course, one will need to own his or her own computer or will need to have access to one, perhaps at a public library or at a friend’s house. A printer will be helpful if the individual wants to print out worksheets, tests or study aids. In addition, the individual should have a notebook and a pen or pencil for taking notes during lessons.

Several additional tools can make a continued study of the language easier and more beneficial. An English-to-Spanish dictionary is helpful for translations. In addition, Spanish books and Spanish audio CDs are great for everyday learning fun.

Tips for Learning Spanish Online

While simply reading or listening to the free online lessons is a great way to start, there are numerous other tips for making Spanish lessons successful. First, one should make use of all the online resources that he can find. The student should play the games and do the activity sheets because every bit of practice will help to incorporate the language more easily into his or her everyday life. It is vital to take the test and quizzes regularly because these will provide the student with a means of marking his progress.

Second, because free online Spanish lessons are available in beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, a person of any age will find that the language is easily learned. Even young children can learn basic Spanish vocabulary online. Children will learn even more quickly if other resources, such as Spanish books, are used.

Finally, students should practice the language regularly. Of course, those who have a Spanish-speaking spouse or friend will find this easy to do. However, even those who do not know anyone who speaks Spanish can practice the language daily by using conversational CDs or by watching Spanish television networks.

How Spanish Can Be Used

Once a person learns Spanish online, he or she will discover that there are untold ways that the language can be used. Of course, learning the language can simply be a great hobby or a way of expanding one’s knowledge and exercising the brain. However, Spanish can be used in many communities that are heavily populated with Spanish-speakers. Those who know the language will find that business transactions and simple meetings on the street will go more smoothly after they take these lessons.

Learning Spanish is often necessary for access to higher education. Many universities insist that students have taken one foreign language course. After college, knowing Spanish will look great on a resume because many businesses look for bilingual individuals. These language skills are particularly useful in customer service or marketing jobs.

Those who travel to Spanish-speaking countries will find that they have any easier time speaking to waiters, hotel staff and tour guides after learning the language. Although many people around the world speak English as a second language, using a person’s native language can ease communication. This is true for both business and leisure travel.

Those who take the time to learn Spanish free online will find that they have put their time to good use. Because Spanish is not difficult to learn, online lessons are easy to understand and put into practice. Not only can Spanish be used for vacations, but also it can be put to great use in the business realm.

Cynthia Lopez