A career in health and medicine is a solid choice these days because the need for skilled doctors, nurses, therapists, pharmacists and more is steadily growing. In addition, those who choose this career path will find that they have an unparalleled ability to help those who are in need. No matter which health sector career is chosen, healthcare workers either directly or indirectly affect patients’ lives. This is one of the best careers for those who are compassionate, who like fast-paced work environments and who have excellent critical thinking skills.

There are numerous career paths within health and medicine. Doctors are often seen as being on the front lines in health care and usually specialize within a particular field, such as cardiology, oncology or family medicine. Occupational and physical therapists help individuals to regain strength or get back to their previous level of health and activity after an injury. Pharmacists work in both retail and hospital settings. Nurses have multiple work options and can work in or out of hospitals. They often work at patients’ bedsides but can also be involved with insurance work, patient and nurse education and more. In addition to these most familiar career options, numerous other fields await those interested in working in health and medicine. For example, there are military nurses and doctors, certified nurse aides, forensic nurses, transcriptionists, medical office secretaries, midwives, anesthesiologists, nurse practitioners and more. The options are virtually endless and can provide an individual with a fast-paced and vibrant career.

Cynthia Lopez