Anyone who has watched an episode of CSI knows what forensic experts and technicians do. They are crime scene investigators that take clues from the scene to analyze them in a variety of ways. Individuals who work in this line of business usually don’t mind dealing with the gruesome and are highly analytical. While some of the work involves being in the field, a great deal of the time is spent inside of a lab using various microscopes, beakers and computers. The advancements in technology has changed the way forensic experts and technicians work and there is now a subcategory of computer forensics, having to do with electronic records, emails, and other information that can be used to solve a particular crime through data analysis.

Those who love a good murder mystery can choose this as their career and learn how to get started within it. There are various ways to become a forensic expert or technician and the job can be very rewarding. Those who are already in the industry will be able to find out how to continue their education, learn about new techniques, new regulations and laws that are in place to help solve crimes, and more. Everyone must choose how they want to help with solving a crime. Those who want to be on the front lines will have to collect the evidence while those in the lab will be interpreting what the evidence is and how it coincides with all of the other evidence that has been entered from the crime scene. It is CSI come to life and anyone can figure out how to get involved in the career to make an impact.

Cynthia Lopez