Compost is a common way to recycle and can have a positive impact on landscaping and gardening. There are various ways to create a compost pile as well as various things that can be contributed to a pile based upon what a person will be using the compost for down the road. In general, various organic materials are placed into the pile and then placed out into a pile of dirt where they can slowly begin to break down. The minerals and such penetrate the soil, making them richer and providing a variety of benefits to the planting that uses this mineral-rich soil.

Many people have gotten away from using chemicals when it comes to keeping plants alive. While the chemicals can help to promote good health, fast growth, and even act as a pesticide, the chemicals can also lead to health problems when ingested inadvertently by eating the fruits and vegetables from the plant. The chemicals can also get into the groundwater and into the soil where animals obtain their food sources. The rich soil created through the use of compost can help to alleviate the need for chemicals, thus creating an organic product that also helps to deal with food scraps and other items that would otherwise be tossed into the garbage. As landfills become a dumping ground for anything and everything, people are getting smarter about what they recycle – and compost is just one of the many things that come about recycling. It has a positive impact on the earth and it is a better alternative than buying products in a landscaping store that one can make themselves.

Cynthia Lopez