Most people think that Valentine’s Day gifts are only for spouses and significant others. However, this day of love can be celebrated with almost anyone, and giving gifts is a great way to do this. Sadly, it can be difficult to know how much to spend, what gifts are appropriate and how to present theRead More

Many people choose to place security systems and indoor surveillance cameras within their homes and businesses. However, a primary line of defense is an outdoor surveillance system. Many of these systems are simple for individuals to install themselves, and some can even be connected to an existing home security system. Whether one is at homeRead More

While your kids may consider the “cool factor” the most important consideration when choosing a laptop, parents know that other assets are just as important before making a purchase. Think about what your kid uses their laptop for most of the time. The answer is likely some combination of schoolwork, playing games, watching videos andRead More

Many parents are looking for ways to keep their children busy, engage their minds, teach them new concepts and entertain them. The tablet does each of these things and much more. Adults have recognized the benefits of tablets since their introduction several years ago. Since then, tablets have changed considerably and now include more featuresRead More

Laptops aren’t just for the young. The young at heart can also enjoy the convenience of remotely accessing emails, photos, messages, watching movies and exploring social media. Whether you’re looking for a laptop for a senior who’s well-versed in technology or you’re introducing a senior in your life to the wonders of the modern age,Read More

The increasingly popular tablet is used extensively by teens and adults both at home, at school and at work; it is even being used by young children to play educational games and look through picture books. However, the tablet is also an excellent device for seniors for a variety of reasons. While some tablets mayRead More

Do you know someone who is a gadget geek? It can be highly desirable to turn into a gadget geek so you can be the one showing off all of your new tools and toys. If you know someone who has all of the latest and greatest, you may have a little bit of techRead More

Common web application vulnerabilities Web applications are subject to a number of vulnerabilities and companies that work with such applications must be well acquainted with what they are so that they may know how to protect theirs against such threats. Five of the most common, according to Symantec, are: – remote code execution (highly critical):Read More

What isa data breach? A data breach (there are other terms for such an incident, including data leak, data spill and the euphemistic unintentional information disclosure) occurs when data which is supposed to be secure is leaked, either intentionally or unintentionally, to a source which is not trusted. Acts that can quality as data breachesRead More

The easiest switches to clean One of the characteristics of membrane switches that makes them so attractive is the ease with which they can be kept clean. An ordinary keyboard or keypad, on the other hand, has spaces between each of the keys into which dust particles, dirt and other debris can easily fall. SoRead More