Arts, crafts and hobbies encompass a wide array of enjoyable and beautiful things to do and make.These options can be thoroughly enjoyed by both males and females. Most all are done with the hands and can fill many hours with useful and relaxing creativity. Those who already enjoy one craft may find that they will enjoy learning a new yet similar one.

Arts, crafts and hobbies are generally categorized by the type of material that is used. For example, textile crafts use a variety of fabrics and yarns to create beautiful clothing, afghans, and household goods, such as draperies, rugs and towels. Quilting, knitting and crocheting are great examples of this. Other arts and crafts make use of paper. For example, some people relax while drawing or using watercolors. Another fun option that is making a comeback is calligraphy, a decorative type of writing. Other examples of paper crafts include quill art, rubber stamping and scrapbook designing. Some other common arts and crafts that are well loved by all ages are wood carving, wood burning, jewelry making, metalwork, stenciling and pottery making. Many people enjoy collecting similar things for a hobby. Doll collecting is quite popular as is stamp collecting. However, anything that holds a special meaning can be collected, such as figurines, sea shells, books and more. No matter which art, craft or hobby is chosen, it should be chosen based on how much enjoyment the individual receives from it.

Cynthia Lopez