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How to Save Money on Your Cellphone Bill

A cellphone is a truly great thing to have. Although they were originally meant to serve as nothing more than things that people could use to call each other up, since 1992 they have also served as devices with Web-surfing capacity and all that comes with it. Apps can also be downloaded for various purposes, from games to finding one's way around a new location, and information stored on them. In fact, today's smartphone should be thought of as a computer that has been scaled down to cellphone level.

With all of the fun that you can have with your cellphone, it is easy to forget just how much you can rack up in monthly bills for which you, of course, are on the hook. The amount spent by the average American citizen on cellphone usage each month has been going up steadily, from $127 in 2009 to $139 at the beginning of 2013, according to J. D. Power & Associates. The company Validas, which provides cellphone bill-deciphering services, has estimated that 80 percent of that amount goes into services that the phone owner never or only rarely uses. This is completely unnecessary. Here are some tips that can help you to reduce your cellphone payments by perhaps as much as 65 percent.

Read your phone plan through very carefully

There are countless cellphone plans out there, and it can be a daunting task to find out just which one is the cheapest. Besides comparing the overall figures, it is important to do a thorough reading of the plan so that you know what is included and not experience the shock of receiving an exorbitant bill with things that you do not remember having requested. For instance, if you see words like “No roaming fees” or “No hidden fees,” then you should at least give consideration to that plan.

How to lower your bills without changing plans or carriers

If you wish to continue under the same plan, or at least the same carrier, there are ways in which you can do so at a reduced cost. First, ask whether you actually need an unlimited plan. A new customer study says that only 12 percent of cellphone customers make the best of unlimited plans, and most of them waste $300 per year by not switching over. Another way in which you can make sure that your plan is giving you the most savings is to go to an online calculator and enter your data, which the calculator will analyze and tell you how much you can save.

Recording your expenses

Keep all of your cellphone bills so that you can compare them. If you find that you are exceeding your monthly limit quite regularly, then you might want to consider starting another plan. Most wireless companies charge a certain amount per minute in excess of their monthly calling plans, and this expense can add up very fast. Therefore, you should find a plan that includes as many minutes as you think you will need. Find a wireless cellphone office near you, show them your bills and as them to figure out which plan is the best for your needs.

Other things to record

Note how often you send and receive voice mail. Depending on your plan, you may be charged each time you check it, and never call 411! Many callers charge $1.25 or more for that service. Instead, try using one of the free services that are now available. Check to see if you are using a universal connectivity charge. Although these are not required by the government, most carriers pass the charge onto the customers, but you can fight to have it taken off, thus saving $50 on a two-year contract.

For what purposes do you use your cell?

If you use your cellphone for surfing and playing games, look for the plan that offers the lowest prices for these services. There are also apps that you can use to reduce your bill. For information on these, see the list of links at the end of this article.


“Flashing” is a new concept that can also help you save money on cellphone charges. It is for those who love their phone but not their plan. Basically, flashing is when you take a Sprint or Verizon phone and switch it over to the Cricket network. Most of your phone's features will still work when you do so.


When it comes to cellphone bills, every single dollar counts. That is why you need to take stock on the charges and consider that there might be a way for you to spend less and still be able to do the same.