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Make pickled banana peppers - How to

Pickled banana peppers are delicious in an array of foods. Of course, they are great on sandwiches and salads but can also be used in unique ways, such as in omelets. Banana peppers are usually light to medium green; however, in some climates they may ripen on the vine into an array of beautiful colors, including yellows, oranges and reds. Any banana peppers that are ripe and firm are great choices for use in canning.

Canning banana peppers is really quite easy, especially if the individual has canned other vegetables previously. The peppers are usually cut into rings. Other ingredients that are needed include water, white or cider vinegar, canning or pickling salt and any desired spices. Some typical options for spices include celery seed, mustard seed and garlic. It is best to use as fresh of spices as is possible because these will have the best flavor. It is also important to use only canning salt; table salt has different additives and may create cloudiness if it is used for canning. Some cooks also choose to use oil in their pickled pepper mixes. After the peppers are canned and the glass jars have sat for about one day, the cook should check the seals on each of the jars. Peppers in jars that have not completely sealed will need to be stored in the refrigerator and be eaten soon. Knowing how to pickle banana peppers will help cooks save money and create a healthful and delightful condiment.