How to Become a journalist

Journalism is a fast-paced and exciting career that is perfect for those who have inquisitive
minds and excellent communication skills. The individual interested in journalism must
also value truth above all else, possess excellent deductive skills and be willing to take the
time that is needed to make this career succeed. The person who has these qualities should
consider moving on to a formal journalism education at a college or university. Some
classes will be similar for all journalism majors. However, there will be some classes that


Media careers are everywhere. Since media is comprised of a variety of categories, it is necessary to define what form of media a person wants to be involved in. Print media can be newspapers and magazines, televised media includes TV and movies, while online media encompasses blogs, websites, social media and more. A person can have a career in media as the writer, the producer, the publisher and various other positions. As a result of these choices, a person must fully understand the media industry and home in on what it is they want to do.

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