How to Become a Bodyguard

As evidenced by Kevin Costner's iconic role in The Bodyguard, this is a profession that can certainly be glamorous
with a hint of danger. The added drama aside, the fact is that a bodyguard does have an exciting career that often
involves travel throughout the United States and around the world. Becoming a bodyguard does take some effort and
commitment. It also takes time to develop the skills necessary to pursue a career as a bodyguard. However, it's a
career that certainly has potential for dedicated individuals with a passion for protecting others.

Forensic Experts and Technicians

Anyone who has watched an episode of CSI knows what forensic experts and technicians do. They are crime scene investigators that take clues from the scene to analyze them in a variety of ways. Individuals who work in this line of business usually don’t mind dealing with the gruesome and are highly analytical. While some of the work involves being in the field, a great deal of the time is spent inside of a lab using various microscopes, beakers and computers.

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